Benefits of using almond oil in winters

7 Beauty Benefits Of Using Almond Oil In Winters

Almond oil has many health and beauty benefits which makes it an absolute must have to include in your winter beauty regime. It has antioxidants, vitamins E, A, & D, proteins, essential minerals, magnesium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, zinc and healthy fats. And because it is slightly thick and dense, therefore it should be used with care. Though this property of this oil makes it unsuitable to use in summers, but gives us a good opportunity to explore and use it in winters. Here are a few ways and benefits to use it….

Use it as anti ageing moisturizer– Almond oil increases collagen production and therefore helps in fighting fine lines and wrinkles. Twice a week, replace this with your regular moisturizer during the night skin regime and you will be left amazed with the results in the long run. Mix it with rosewater to give a light massage to the skin.

Ditch your expensive eye creams– Under eye area’s are very sensitive and applying creams full of chemicals on this area is not a good idea. Use pure almond oil to massage the areas around the eyes to get rid of wrinkles and dark circles.

Get thicker eyebrows and curly lashes– If getting thicker eyebrows is what you always dreamt off, then go on and use almond oil over your brows and eyelashes to make them thicker and longer.

Use it as a lip balm– Take a drop of pure almond oil and gently massage your lips in winters for a few minutes and leave. This will relieve you of dry and chapped lips which is a common problem in winters.

Use it for body massage– Almond oil increases blood circulation and makes the skin smooth and supple. So next time when you head to spa ask them for a almond oil massage. And though summers and monsoon makes it nearly impossible to use it during these periods, winters is where you can benefit the most from this oil.

Use it as a hand and foot cream– You can surely ditch your creams for this one. Zinc present in this oil along with other vitamins is great for nails and skin repair.

Great for hair too– If you have dandruff or have excessive frizzy, dry hair with hair fall problems, then this one oil can be an answer to all the hair problem of yours.

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