DIY Haldi Turmeric soap at home

DIY Haldi Besan Soap For A Glowing Skin

Making soap at home is quite easy and doesn’t require much of a technique. The best part is that you just need one basic ingredient to make soap at home and that one thing is getting a soap base, and what to put in it is totally your choice. You can mix two or more ingredients in one soap or get a separate set of soaps for all the each ingredients you love.

For instance you can make a neem soap using pure neem leafs, unlike the readymade soaps which generally use just the extracts of the core ingredient. Likewise you can make aloe vera soap using fresh aloe vera gel and many more to add on to the list.

But just make sure that you don’t get overwhelmed with the idea of making them at home by creating a big batch of these soaps. Make them in small batches and use them fresh. You can also add essential oils to them for added benefits and fragrance.

Here is this super easy DIY Besan and Haldi soap recipe which will make your skin glow. Turmeric is known for anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties and helps in fighting acne and blemishes. Besan on the other hand evens out the skin tone while providing nourishment.

Image By Viktor Forgacs From Unsplash (Free For Commercial Use) Image Source

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