5 Super Grains Which You Must Include In Your Diet In Winters

Winters are already here and if you have not included traditional millets in diet then hurry up to read this article. Well the traditional millets have many health benefits and is a great option to include a variety into your diet to reap maximum nutrients from different sources. Millets are also a great option for the people who are looking for gluten free ingredients. Here are a few traditional grains which are great to have in winters…..

Jowar– Jowar or sorghum is high on fiber content and is an anti- oxidant rich grain. It is a perfect solution for people who are looking for gluten free options. Being rich in fiber and protein this grain is a perfect thing to indulge in for the diabetic people. Moreover Jowar is also an excellent source of Vitamin B and iron which is great for the pregnant and breastfeeding women. Since Jowar is rich in fiber it helps in keeping the digestive system healthy by keeping the bowel movement smooth and easy. Furthermore, Magnesium present in jowar helps in better absorption of calcium. You can prepare Jowar Khichadi, dalia, upma, roti or parantha, cheela, dhokla and even jowar and ragi kanji to enjoy its great taste.

Bajra– Bajra or pearl millet is an another great stuff to incorporate into your diet for winters. It is an excellent source of proteins, iron, calcium and folic acid. It also prevents from anemia and acidity. Bakri, thepla, roti or masala paratha, Khichdi, porridge, ladoo etc. Being rich in magnesium, this grain helps in maintaining heart health. It is also rich in fiber and therefore helps in reducing bad cholesterol and maintaining good cholesterol.

Makka– Makka or corn is also widely available and eaten in winters. It is an excellent source of fiber and fo;ic acid which makes it a great grain for the pregnant women. It also contain vitamin B and is therefore good for nerve health. Needless to say that is you must indulge in makki ki roti along with sarson saag and white butter in winters.

Foxtail millet– Kangni or Foxtail millet helps in maintaining muscle and bone health. It lowers down cholesterol and maintains blood sugar levels. It is also easy to digest and is a good source of protein and iron. Foxtail millet also helps in maintaining nerve health and is an excellent source of antioxidants. Some popular foxtail millet recipes are pulav, upma, dosa or uttapam, porridge etc.

Ragi– Ragi is an excellent source of calcium and must be included in your diet. You might not get used to its taste at first, but its health benefits makes it one must thing to have it in your diet. It is also a great superfood for the diabetic. Try making porridge, idli, dosa, roti and many more things using it.

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