Fruits and vegetable Juice recipes for winters

3 Nutritious Vegetable and Fruit Juice Recipes For Winters

Its winter time, and with winters comes flu and other diseases. But its also the time of year when we are blessed with a lot of fruits and vegetables which are loaded with antioxidants and Vitamin C, needed to boost immunity. These simple juice recipes which will ensure to give you a lot of nutrients in winters. Do try them….

Apple carrot and orange Juice– An apple a day keeps the doctor away, well we all know that. But to make a super healthy drink you might need to mix it with other fruit juices like that of a carrot and an orange. Carrots have antioxidants, and orange is full of Vitamin C which is very useful for immunity. Simply put chopped apple, one medium sized chopped carrot and a juice of 1 orange to mixer grinder and churn everything finely. Once done pour it in a glass, mix some honey and you are good to go. Do not strain the juice as you won’t want to loose on all that fibrous stuff from the fruits.

Apple Carrot Orange juice for winters

Beetroot and carrot– Most of us are already aware of this combination, thanks to the roadside hawkers who sell this juice throughout the winters. Take a large beetroot and mix 4 carrots with it, put them through the juicer and add ginger, a few mint leaves, two amla or gooseberry and some lemon juice. Mix everything nicely and pour in a glass. You can add black salt and pepper to this juice to enhance its taste.

Beetroot Carrot Juice for winters

Green apple and cucumber– Take one green apple and one cucumber along with a few spinach leaves, bit of ginger, lemon and honey to make this juice. You can also add celery leaves to make it more nutritious.

Apple cucumber spinach juice for winters

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