5 Ways To Reuse Leftover Crayons

Leftover crayons give a hard time to all the mothers. And at times you have so many of them at home that you don’t want to even throw them. So what should we do with them then…..well here are the answers. Well these are a few ways to recycle the leftover crayons and put them to use once more….

Make multicolored crayon sticks– You can put all the broken and leftover crayons in a mould and melt it in the oven. If you don’t have the basic mould then you can also use paper mould’s. This can be used for coloring or can also be given as a gift to the kids. Just pack them in a fancy way and they will look adorable to give as a return gift on birthday parties.

Crayon candles– You can also create beautiful multicolor candles with the leftover crayons. Melt all the colors together in the mould and do not forget to place the candle wick at the center before putting them to melt in the oven.

Paintings– If you love wall art or bedside art work then use crayons to create an effect like this. Stick the leftover crayons to the top of the paper and use a blow dry on full power to create a texture like this.

Crayon sticks photo frame– Leftover crayons can also be used to create numbers or alphabets photo frame. Needless to say that they look very interesting and creative.

Grated Crayon art– If you want to create a pretty texture on the paper then use this technique. The grated crayon art can also be used to create textured paper or greeting cards. All you have to do is to grate crayons all over the paper and then gently place a butter paper over it. Now use a hot iron for heat transfer and see all the colors melt onto the paper creating a variant of colors to watch out for.

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