DIY Leftover Crayon Candles

Ever wondered what all can we do with leftover crayons. Well the ideas are endless, but one thing which you can create for your home or even for gifting purposes is to turn old crayons into candles. And there are so many ways to do so, the ideas are innumerous. Here are a few of them.

Create layers– For this you would need a small glass of your choice. Keep the wick at the center and pour melted crayon in the glass to create a layer. Once one layer dries up you can continue adding the second color and so on. Tilted layer style or the straight ones, well how you want these colored layers to look like is upto you.

Water candle– This one is a quick DIY idea which you can instantly do when you have guests arriving at your place. Simply put the pieces of leftover crayons in a large bowl or a glass and fill it up with water. Add some oil to the glass and now insert a small wick at the center. The oil will float the the top making your water candle to shine when lit.

Use muffin tray– To give your candles a unique shape try using muffin tray as a mould for the candles. Don’t forget to line the tray with muffin paper or mould or you would end up ruining the tray for further use.

Use fruity ideas– To give your candles a designer look, use fruity ideas to design them. For example create layers of watermelon or pineapple etc. for a gorgeous candle set.

Dip dyed candles– One of the best way to decorate an existing candle is to dip them in color of your choice to create a texture on them. Needless to say that you can use leftover crayons for this purpose. You can further use gold or silver foil prints on the candle to enhance its look.

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