Nature Inspired Succulent Tables For Home Decor

Succulents need no introduction and are quite famous amongst plant lovers. Their unique texture, color and innumerous shapes which they come in make them totally lovable and out of the box. The best thing is that they are hard to die plants and therefore need less care and maintenance. They are also excellent indoor plants and therefore can be used to decorate indoor spaces. And though there are many ideas to decorate homes with these plants but one great idea is to create green tables using them. How, well have a look at these inspiring pictures…..

Planter pots– If you do not want to grow succulents directly on the table, then take help of planter pots. Use pots in different sizes to create a full succulent garden like this. You can take help of artificial grass to fill in the spaces and use a statute of Buddha to make the whole thing stand out.

Create a pathway for gardening– This one is simply awesome and is perfect for those huge size dining tables where you get in a lot of space to carve out a small pathway to grow real succulents. The picture shows that there is a small bottom layer where the plants can be grown and the pathway is finished by two wooden side logs which make up for your table.

Use a tray– The easiest you can do is to place a tray or a wooden tray at the center of your existing table and fill it up with different succulents to create a mini garden. Using decorative candles would look great with this setting.

Reuse old pots-If you have old earthen or decorative brass pots lying at home then you surely know what to do with them now. Fill them entirely with the plants directly or create a layer with an another pot while filling the leftover space with pebbles and stones to create this magical table piece.

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