5 Ways To Make Staircase The Highlight Of Your Home

If you are planning to do a new home and have been wondering to add a new and unique feature to it then do think about using stairs as highlight of your new home. And there are so many ways to do it, but here we bring to you some simple yet striking ideas which will definitely change the way your home looks. Go through them here…..

Uneven style– If even stairs do not fascinate you then probably this will. Uneven staircase with extended platforms is an excellent idea to steal from modern homes. To add a unique touch, you can use the platforms to keep decorative pieces, plants etc.

Side shelves– To give a more functional touch to stairs, add side shelves to it and use it as a decorative corner where you can keep plants or books and many more other things.

Tile stickers staircase– These stickers are easily available and look so unique and eye catchy. You can even paste them on your own. And needless to say that they come in thousands of other designs to choose from like the basic geometric shapes to regular floral ones and many more.

LED lights– Staircase with LED lights fixed on the steps is something which will be loved by everyone. It not only looks great but also has a functional value. Nowadays the lights are fixed in a way that they lit up only when someone steps on them.

Stairs with seating arrangement– You can also include a nice seating arrangement with your staircase. The floating staircase looks amazing with this kind of arrangement.

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