7 Plants Which You Can Bring Home This Diwali For Luck And Prosperity

Plants definitely add a charm to indoors as well as outdoors at home, but why just any plant. This Diwali bring home these plants which attracts luck, wealth and prosperity….

Tulsi– Tulsi plant is considered as one of the most auspicious plant in Hindu culture. Having it at home brings a lot of peace and prosperity to home. But if you have a Tulsi plant at home, then make sure to do a regular pooja of goddess Tulsi everyday as it is not just any ornamental plant.

Ashok plant– Another plant considered auspicious according to Indian mythology is Ashok plant. It is believed that lord Buddha was born under this tree. Therefore you will see it at the entrance of the houses at many places as it attracts positivity and prosperity.

Bamboo plant– Lucky Bamboo attracts health, prosperity and good fortune and survives very nicely indoors. This plant also helps maintaining a good love life. Just make sure to add a red ribbon to your bamboo vase to make it work better. You should also add a metal or a coin inside the vase. And if you want prosperity in your business and career then do not forget to keep it on your desk or in the office.

Jade Plant– Jade attracts a lot of wealth and success and is a beautiful plant to watch out for. You can definitely beautify the entrance of the house with the help of this plant.

Money tree– Braided money plants are very good for attracting wealth too.

Rubber plant– Rubber plants are known for attracting wealth and money. Place this plant in the south-east area of the room, a direction which is considered as a corner which attracts wealth.

Palm– If you do not know much about Feng Shui and want just a simple solution to any missing element at your place, then keep a palm plant indoor. This plant takes care of all the missing things and needles to say that it is one of the best indoor plants which adds a charm to any place where it is kept.

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