3 Ways To Prepare An Appealing Cluster Of Plants

Keeping plants at home bring positivity and peace of mind. It not only creates a happy environment but also helps in bringing a part of nature into our homes. But they will look more appealing when paired correctly and kept in a cluster form. Some plants look good together and therefore make up for a great way to beautify your homes. Here are some example of the cluster of plants which you can set up at home….

Play with textures– Mix and match plants in different textures and colors which are not too distinct but still visibly apart. For example you can pick plants with yellow and green leaves and needless to say that the texture, size and look of each plant is always different from each other. For example a combination of Banana palm, Snake plant and a Spider plant is so appealing here.

Different shapes– Big plants with eye catchy shapes are perfect to include as a part of cluster as they become the highlight of the set up. Like choose a Swiss cheese plant as the main highlight and pair it along with Snake plant and a Jade.

Love for palms– If you are someone who loves palm tress then this setting will make you eternally happy. Choose two or three different palms for this cluster and they will become the highlight of your home. Take a good heighted Areca palm and match it with Banana palm and Swiss cheese plant to finish with.

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