Heat Tolerant Flowering Plant For Summers

In summers when the temperature is high and the sun is at its peak, you have to be careful with your open garden as not all plants can survive such high temperatures.

Here are few heat tolerant flowering plants which can be grown in open terrace and balconies…..


Hibiscus– This fuss free and low maintenance flowering plant is one of the best for home. It has different varieties and can be planted in small pots too.

The flowers bloom all year long and the red one is used for pooja in Hindu homes. It needs good sunlight and grows very big with time.


Roses– These aromatic fragrant flowers are favorite of everyone and are a delight to have at home. They too come in various shades like light pink, maroon, magenta, coral, white etc., but a little care is needed for them to bloom all round the season.


Moss Rose– You will love this plant as it has small flowers which comes in so many colors that you can mix them up and create a colorful mini garden for home. The best thing is that you can grow them in pots or even in hanging baskets, as they cover a good amount of space and look awesome.

Musk rose– A specie of rose plant, these flowers have a musky scent. The white flowers clusters at the end of the branches and look awesome. They have a very light tint of powder pink shade in some flowers which makes a great combination with white shade.


Powder Puff Plant– The red needle like flowers are as soft as a feather and the plant grows quiet big with time.


Pentas– A five petaled flowers comes in various colors and grows in clusters. They may be red, white, lavender, purple, or shades of pink. Some are two-toned and they attract butterflies, and delight hummingbirds.

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