4 Ways To Make Your Favorite Space More Positive

Every person has a favorite corner in their home where they relax and sit in peace. Just sitting peacefully in your favorite corner with a cup of coffee or tea is all you need to make your day. To add more positive vibes to such spaces you can do so many things, for example adding a few natural elements like plants, stones, idols etc. and turn it into a happy corner. Here are a few ways to do so…….

The golden corner– Using brass items to decorate the space makes a whole lot of difference. If you want to create a very traditional look then do use decorative items in brass or golden color. Decorative lamps in different sizes and shapes kept with a few bells or diya’s look perfect with the addition of colorful plants. Place Ganesha idol and lit all the lamps. How mesmerizing this looks!

Peaceful Buddha– Use a bonsai plant to make the whole idea to look more appealing. Using different plants and textures in one frame will add a beautiful variety to the set up. Sprinkle of small sized stones to make the base is perfect to cover the soil area. Lastly place a Buddha on a high rise platform and lit a few candles.

Shivling– Though Shivling is not kept inside the home but if you have the holy deity at home then you can use an earthen pot like this to keep it. Fill the pot with water and place the Shivling along with Nandi Maharaj. Use fresh flowers to decorate the pot. You can also place few pot of plants near to this arrangement.

Special place for Kanha– Create a mini garden for your Bal Gopal by placing a small plant at a corner. Use a few rocks to create a border and place your idol on a raised platform so they don’t get soiled when you water the plant. You can use fairy lights on the plant or place a few tea lights around the pot.

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