4 Beautiful Ways To Use Buddha Statue For Home Decor

When it comes to home decor, one thing which surely finds a way to every home is a statue of lord Buddha. The calmness and a smile on the face of the statue is enough to soothe your mind, and probably this is the biggest reason why everyone relates to it and wants to have it at their home. But don’t just keep it randomly anywhere, decorate your space nicely with it. Here are a few ideas…..

Take help of live plants– In a small basket place few of your favorite coffee table plants, essential oil burner and the Buddha statue. Keep a bowl of water next to it and decorate with fresh flower petals.

Use for balcony decor-Place it near to the plants which have different textures, colors and heights. Place the Buddha on a elevated surface and use natural materials like pebbles and stones around the statue. You can also use fragrant candles with this set up.

Prepare a heart warming bowl– Pick a earthen clay pot and fill it with a bit of mud. Place small colorful stones all over and place a few plants here and there. You can either use a live indoor plant or simply take help of artificial versions. Place Buddha statue at one corner and use a tea light candle in the middle. You can also write down a few good thoughts on stones and place them on this bowl.

Use Brass to accompany– Brass as a material looks rich and vintage and is a perfect metal to combine with a Buddha statue. You can place lamps, bowls, diya holders infact anything made of brass round it.

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