5 Ways To Make Your Garden Look Chic And Peppy

Adding colors to home decor is the best thing to make it look lively and happening. And the same concept goes with your garden too. When you add different colors to your garden space, it instantly becomes a hit against the green background. Here are a few ways to pep up your garden a bit with different colors…

Plank box– Wooden plank box is a very good substitute to a general plant holder. All you have to do is to color it in bright colors and decorate it with colorful plants.

Colorful painting– A colorful painting hung in between your plants will give that extra edge to the makeover of your garden.Alternatively, you can also hang two or three different paintings according to the size of your garden. Frame the paintings or just keep them as is, the choice is yours.

Buddha statue– To add a chic touch to your garden arrange a few colorful plants around a Buddha statue and keep a bowl filled with water, leaves and flower petals at the front of the statue. You can immerse a solar fountain motor in the water if you want to add a running water element in between.

Colorful furnishing– The seating arrangement in can have runners and cushion covers in different bright colors which will add a class to the entire look of the garden. You can also paint the furniture in different colors and add contrast color furnishings to it.

Flower stands– Flower or planter pots done in bright and different colors add a new life to your dream garden. You can paint them at home in different patterns, or buy them directly from local nursery’s. Incase if making patterns is difficult for you then simply paint the pots in different shades.

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