Nature Inspired Furniture With Live Plants

Though picking up a suitable furniture for home is a personal choice but how about making it the natural way. Nature inspired furniture are in vogue right now and why not, they look so pretty that every single piece looks an art in itself. And if you are a lover of such pieces then this article will give you quite a few ideas….

Succulent Table– The center table in your living room can have an arrangement of live succulent plants like this. Succulents come in different shapes, sizes and colors and are perfect for indoor live plant arrangement. They are fuss free, easy to grow and do not require much care. They look so beautiful that they will revamp the look of the place where it is kept.

Aquarium table with plants– Having an aquarium brings a liveliness to the living area and having a deep large table like this would be a perfect piece to go for. Fishes bring in a good charm to the house so if you are planning to have them at home then think about this design.

Weed table– Table made from natural stone is best for this look. Though you can grow anything but a basic thing like a weed makes sure that the place is always green as it grows and spreads by itself.

Dining table– A woodwork dining table done in raw edges and the live plants setting at the center is not something you see everyday. Ditch your old plain ones for this one.

Abstract design– This abstract vintage design is perfect and has a separate build in corner for planting a live plant. Done in glass and woodwork, the table looks perfect for any plant lover.


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