5 Ways To Revamp Your Balcony With Artificial Grass

Revamping balcony is a great task. But then there are different ways to do so. One of the most convenient ways to do so is to use artificial grass sheeting on the balcony floor along with which other props can be added. Here are a few ways to beautify your space with artificial grass…..

Colorful pots– Colorful planter pots in different sizes can bring in a new life to your dead balcony. They serve as a great contrast to the background of the green grass, and can be further decorated with different pebbles and stones.

Play garden– Turn your boring balcony into a fun play area or a play garden for your kids. A cosy bed or a sitting area may be with some of their favorite picture or story books will keep the kids engaged for good. You can also use this area as an activity area.

Go all green– If you love having plants around then maybe you can use this area for sitting in the lap of the nature. You can use a vertical garden set up or just arrange a few wall shelves to keep small plants.

Half half style– The green grass sheet can also be mixed and matched with wooden flooring with floor lights and different plants.

Play with colors– Adding bit of colors to this area would be a great idea too. Doing this with the help of upholstery will revamp the look of your balcony. Alternatively you can add colorful lamps and curtains with the same.

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