4 Ways To Decorate Balcony Walls

While going for a balcony makeover first thing you have to watch out for is to have beautifully done walls. How, well we have the answers here…..you can use tiles, stones, pebbles or simple striking colors to do so, well the choice is yours…..

Stone and planter pots– If you are someone who loves seeing a rustic wall then a wall done with natural stones would look simply beautiful. You can choose the stones or the stone textured tiles in any color as they come in varying textures. You can further beautify the wall by adding different planter pots.

Wooden background with seating– Wooden textured wall is an another thing which you can go for. Its best for the ones who like to see clean finished wall which also looks simple yet elegant at the same time. Wooden finish gives a natural look to the wall which can be further decorated with jute or bamboo finished decorative stuff.

Paintings– And if you are looking for some quick DIY project then this is how you can do it. Paint the wall in your choice of color and hang your favorite paintings to decorate it further. You can also take help of a large mirror to add a jazzy look to this space.

Turn it into a mini library– Ohhh yes and if you miss your personal reading space then this is something which will interest you. A few wall shelves and a good seating space is all you need to relax.

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