DIY Christmas Decor Ideas

Christmas decoration is one of the best way to brighten up home during the festival. Using simple and quick DIY ideas add a soothing festive feel to your home. And there are so many different ways to use simple things to bring in a life to your home. Here are a few ideas….

Pine cones– Color the pine cones in a dark shade like teal green to make them look like Christmas tree. You can stick a cork on the bottom of the cone or keep them as is. You can also stick a a little cotton on the cone or simply sprinkle some loose white powder to make your cones look covered in snow.

Candle arrangement– You can use this arrangement for a side table or this can even be a good idea to brighten up your dinner table setting. Any mason jar or different empty glass bottle can be used for this project. You can also replace fresh red fruits with the red Christmas balls available in the market.

Fairy jars– You can also use miniature Christmas trees to create a beautiful winter scene. Use a large glass jar and fill it slightly with snow flock powder and place small and large Christmas trees in it. Place fairy lights inside the jar and light it up.

Cover with snow– You can use this idea anywhere like at the corner of your home or even in the gallery, or at the entrance of the home. Use a lot of cotton along with some penguins or other soft toys and see the kids enjoy them.

Christmas balls– You can also do a simple decoration with red and silver Christmas balls. Place them loosely in any glass tray or a jar and they will look awesome.

Photo frame– If you have a photo frame at home then use Christmas balls and ribbons to decorate it and place this at the entrance door. Doesn’t this looks so inviting….

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