5 Last Minute Christmas Decor Ideas For Your Home

Looking for last minute decor ideas for Christmas, well we have got a few for you. Here they are….

Go creative with wine glasses– Take help of wine glasses whenever you have to do a center table decor in just like seconds. Take help of different shapes of glasses, and arrange them in a tray or a decorative plate. To give a fancy feel, don’t forget to use Christmas balls inside the glasses and place candles on top of them.

Decorate glass jars– Use glass jars to pep up a corner of your home. Fill the jar 3/4th with water and sprinkle some silver glitter in it. Now stick a small Christmas tree miniature on the lid, and close the jar and place it upside down. Use three four jars like this and decorate them on the entrance or on the center table of your home.

Use paper craft– Paper craft is an interesting project for the kids at home. Create simple objects like snowman and snowflakes with paper, and string them up in lines like this. Use subtle colors like shades of whites and pastel blues to get in the mood of the season.

Prepare a quick Christmas tree– Use an old paper cap to create this Christmas tree. Next take a thick thread and dip it in hot wax, while still hot just wrap it quickly around the cap and let it dry completely before separating it from the base. You can use small stars to decorate this miniature tree, and place an electric candle inside it. You can also use glue to make this but it will take time to dry.

Use readymade stuff– Simply bring a few decorative pieces from the market and use them to decorate the entrance of the home. Or you can simply hang balls and snowflakes on the window like this.

Image reference- Pinterest

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