5 Ways To Revamp Your Garden Space With Pebble Craft And Miniatures

Pebble craft is very satisfying and beautiful. There are so many ways to create a beautiful pebble art, but how about creating things for your garden using them. These simple tricks with basic pebbles will add so much variety and richness to your garden. Have a look….

Ladybird– You can create beautiful lady birds with the help of different colors and pebble’s. They will look great in your garden and add colors to your miniature planter pots.

Fruits and vegetables– You can also create miniature fruits and vegetables with pebbles. It’s a great way to to mark your vegetable garden by simply painting the pebbles with colors.

Cactus garden– You can also create beautiful cactus plants with the pebbles. Paint them in different shades of green and paint them further to make them look like real cactus. Fill a small pot with stones and gravels and immerse two three cactus in it. Place these pots in your garden or at the entrance of your home. They will add beautiful colors to your space.

Bumble bee– This can be a good alternative to lady bird miniature and will look pretty eye catchy in your garden.

Mushrooms– Creating mushroom miniatures is super easy and needless to say that these colorful mushrooms will instantly lift the entire look of your garden.

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