5 Plants Which Are Great To Create A Hedge

If you love gardening or landscaping you know what we are talking about. Well a hedge is a row of similar kind of a plant all planted in a row to create a wall or dividing illusion. But not all plants are fit to prepare a hedge as some has loose built or some have uneven leaves and so on. So these are some really good options to put your hands in creating a hedge in your garden.

Bassia Scoparia– This is generally a winter plant which is idle to plant during the month of October and would last upto a period of six months until the heat wave takes a toll. But it looks so pretty that its worth to invest in it even for a short time. You can also plant a few colorful flowers near the hedge for a colorful look. Also this is a medium size hedge so don’t expect it to grow very tall.

Layer the look– If you want a dense hedge with a mix of colors and textures, then go for a layered look. Like in one line you can have Areca Palm which grows taller, and then you can have a colorful Croton or a red Dracaena plant which is medium height and lastly a line of snake plant. This way there will be layers as well as colors in your hedge.

Cuban Cigar plant– Looks familiar, isn’t it. Well your house will look like a resort if you use this for creating hedge. Also when you want the hedge to have long leaves then this is the best plant to go for. But do combine it with an another hedge or flowering plant, preferably a short or medium heighted one.

Photinia red robin– Wish to have an all colored hedge, well choose this plant for this work and it will not disappoint you. The mix of green and red leaves on this plant looks breathtakingly beautiful.

Lady Palm– This very eye catchy plant is idly used to create a hedge along the garden. Needless to say that it is one of the most beautiful plant to create a medium or a tall size hedge.

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