6 DIY Ideas For Plant Label And Markers

If you are a plant lover or if you have a garden at home which needs labelling then you will surely love theses ideas. And you might think that these labels are needed only when you have a large space, but no that is not a case here. Well these DIY ideas are super cool to use even if you have a small balcony or a terrace garden. Its fun and a great way to add some personal touch to your garden which will be loved by everyone. We suggest you to do this project along with the kids and it will be a great productive Sunday project for your family.

Coffee cup lids– We bet that you won’t throw coffee cup lids the next time you buy a coffee. Save them for this project and they will be great to label your plants.

Cork– Same goes for corks….. a cork can be used for so many different projects and one of them is to use it to label and mark your plants.

Wooden spoons and ladles– Wooden spoons and ladles which you do not use can also be used for this purpose. Go a little creative and paint them instead of simply labeling them.

Pebbles– Using smooth pebbles is an another option to go for. Paint them nicely or you can also simply label them with colorful colors.

Small pots– Small sized planter pots will look great when you go a little creative with them. Paint them in colorful colors and use a stick or something for them to stand high. You can also use leftover pieces of a broken pot.

Bricks– If you want to keep things a bit simple then simply use bricks to label your plants. You can also paint them in colorful bright colors before labeling them.

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