Cork – Craft Ideas For Home

Corks are definitely one of the most creatively used raw material for different art works and crafting ideas. Some people even have a habit of collecting corks and keeping a collection of them in their drawing rooms. Well we guarantee that you will not keep them sitting in the bowls after reading this article, as there are so many ideas you can work upon with them…. Get started this weekend then…

Cork Memo Board– Have a tray on your shelf sitting idle, well grab it and work out a memo board like this with corks. All you need is glue and corks. Use it to list Things to do, important phone no’s, weekend menu plan, etc. This will be really very useful and a creative idea too. You can also put some nails and use it as a key holder.

Jewelry Board– Every girl’s favorite, what else can you ask for if you have a board of your favorite jewellery pieces displayed, all at the same place.

Cork Coasters– You can have a wooden or any other base for making coasters, or simply work without them by sticking each cork next to each other, you will not need a base for this one.

Cork Tray– If you want a truly creative and personalized tray to serve your guest, this is a good idea. You can also put a glass covering at the top for your glasses and cups to sit evenly.

Cork Photo-framesPersonalized photo frames are the best. You can use corks of different shapes and designs for this.

Card Holders– A perfect idea for placing name plates or card holders with names. Just place at thin slit on the side of the cork and insert the name templates. Make it more beautiful by placing a flower at the top.

Napkin Holder– You can place napkins or any other items like place it on your dressing table for keeping small rubber bands and clips handy. You can also use it in the washroom for placing face towels or other toiletries at one place.

Image Reference: Pinterest

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