8 Fun DIY Photo Frame Ideas Which Your Kid Will Love Making

DIY’s are always interesting and fun to do. But when it comes to engaging kids, you really need to pick something which can hold their interest for long. So here are some fun ideas with which you can create interesting photoframes for your family, while engaging the kids to do something creative and constructive.

Ice cream sticks– Simple ice cream sticks can be painted in beautiful striking colors for a photo frame. And there are many ways to use an ice cream stick to create photoframes which we would definitely talk about some other day.

Used magazine rolls– Newspaper or magazine papers can be used to create thin cylindrical rolls which can be helpful in creating beautiful photo frames. Alternatively you can also use paper straws for a quick work.

Corks– There are many who simply love to collect corks. And off course there are so many things which you can create with them, well photoframe being one of them.

Used pencils– Often you must have thought about what to do with leftover colored pencils and crayons. If so, then you know what to do with them now.

Buttons– leftover buttons can also be used for this project. Buttons in all sizes and shapes and colors and textures are welcomed here.

Shells and stones– This frame will give photos from your beach holidays a perfect frame.


Pom poms– Pom pom in all sizes look super attractive and are real fun to work with. Use a lot of them to create colorful and eye catchy photoframes.

Lego toys– Wondering what to do with extra pair of lego blocks lying at home. Well try using them like this.

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