Creative Uses of Ice Cream Sticks

As a kid, we all have used and have good memories of playing around Ice cream sticks for crafting ideas in our arts and crafts classes. Well lets revive the same art and see the endless options available to use these sticks for decorative purposes. This is an excellent crafting ideas for the kids which they will love to play around. They can make their own special products through these tips. Make them try few of these this summer vacation, as the sticks are not just for ice creams but can be used in so many other ways too.

Coaster– Create different patterns on sticks with a marker or sketch pen, it can be in single color or you can choose different colors too to do this. Place 3 sticks parallel to each other, this will act as a base for making the upper main portion. Now start sticking the patterned sticks in the opposite direction. Let it dry completely before use. Your coasters are ready.


Bracelets– Interesting project for baby girls, this is super easy if you set it right. Place sticks in hot water and take it out after some time. Now try to bend them slightly and without breaking them place them inside a clean jar or a cup. Let them dry completely in the sun or in a dry place. Once its done, you can paint them in different colors and patterns to match your dresses.


Basket– A small basket to keep your belongings and accessories at place. Create a base using a cardboard and chart-paper, leave the layer of chart-paper broader than the cardboard base from all the four sides, as this will act as a base for sticking sticks for fencing. Now fold the extra chat-paper strips and start sticking sticks to make a fence like wall all around. Place a bunch of flowers at the corner for beautifying it.


Jewelry stand– If you are wondering how to display your jewelry, then here is an idea. Create a criss cross pattern with the colored sticks and use it as a earring stand. You can create a bigger stand for this too.


Book cover– Personalized book covers can be creatively made with these sticks. Paint them in your favorite pattern, you can also paint your name and other details.


Photo Frame– One of the creative uses of sticks is to create a personalized photo frames for your family. Paint the sticks and create a four wall boundary like this. Your frame is ready, now stick the pictures from behind and decorate a wall in your room.


Box– Its the easiest way to create a box for your belongings. Create a base with the sticks, and then create a criss cross pattern in a wall formation. A lid can also be created in a flat pattern, stick a handle sort of pattern to hold the lid.


Image Reference: Pinterest

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