DIY phone holder

5 Ways To Create DIY Phone Holder

When you are really craving for engaging yourself into a DIY project, then making a self created phone stand can satisfy your creative hunger. Here are a few easy ways to make a mobile stand for yourself at home.

Toilet paper roll– You can take a used toilet paper roll to make phone stand. Use washi tape in different textures all over the roll or you can even paint it according to the design you want. Just cut out a thin stripe in the middle to keep the mobile inside. Now pin two board pins at the front and two pins at the back and the holder is ready.

Wooden stand– If you have two pieces of wood or wooden blocks lying at home then this is how you can use it to make your own DIY phone stand. Color the blocks in contrast shades and they will look awesome.

Shmpoo bottle– You can also cut an old shampoo or moisturizer bottle like this to create a holder for yourself.

Cork– You can also use cork to create a lovely stand of your own. Just paste them with each other and this project will be quite quick.

Popsicle– Ice cream sticks can also be used to create a phone stand. And though there are many ways to create one with the sticks, but this one is quite quick and easy to make.

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