Different Ways To Gift Seeds To Your Loved Ones- Gift Handmade Seed bombs As Favors

Gifting things with purpose is the best thing to gift someone. And one such thing is gifting seed bombs or seed papers. And though you can also gift a planter pot, but a seed paper or seed bombs are a fuss free and much convenient way to do so. Whenever you want to plant it just wet it a bit and add it to a pot. Keep spraying water regularly until the seeds germinates, and then you can move it to a bigger pot once it grows a bit. Remember not to over spray the seeds with water or they will rot very fast.

Seed bombs– Choose the colors you want to do this craft with and tear it into tits and bits. Add them to a bowl filled with water and let them soak in the water nicely until they get mashy. With the help of your hands mash the paper more until it becomes a little pulpy and now add seeds of your choice to this paper mash. Mix and use baking moulds to give shape to your bombs.

Second way to do this is to put the paper and the water in blender and blender both the things. Now add seeds to it and pour them straight into the mould’s. Let them dry completely before taking them out of the mould’s.

Clay bombs– You can also replace paper with natural clay for this project. All you have to do is to prepare the right consistency of the clay by adding water to the clay powder and then make small balls of it. Press this ball a bit and add seeds at the center. Now you can again roll this piece into a ball and done. To make the project more interesting try stamping these balls and they will look more appealing.

Seed paper– Gifting a seed paper is an another thing you can work upon. And the process to make the paper mash is same. All you have to do is to spread it out evenly to form a paper

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