5 Gift Packing Ideas For The Christmas Season

Its Christmas season and also the season of exchanging gifts. So if you are planning on a house party for your friends, or even if its a small family gettogether then these exciting gift packing ideas will add a special personalized touch to your gifts which will be loved by all…..

Go red– Pick up a red color to get into the mood of the season. You can choose red packing paper along with other red accents like a Christmas ball and other decorative items for the packing. Addition of a leaf along with some Christmas taglines will make the packaging look more customized.

Brown base– If you want to give a raw or a neutral effect to your packaging then use a brown paper to cover the gift. Use some leaves and Christmas stick to decorate it further.

Add some gift sweets– To make your gift truly special you can add a few sweets to your regular packaging. Packaged sweets like candy, lollipop, chocolate sticks or any other neatly wrapped item can be added to the gift with the help of a broad and textured eye catchy ribbon.

Hand printed covers– If you are good at drawing and craft then using your craft on the covers would be just perfect. You can create reindeer’s, snowman etc. to make a customized packing. You can also create these shapes into 3-D ones for a better look.

How about a snowman– To get into the mood of the season you can do the packing with a white paper and then create snowman on it. You can also add Santa cap to the packing if you wish.

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