12 Tips For A Cleaner Home This Diwali

Diwali is just a week away from now, and cleaning a home is the greatest task for most of us nowadays. Therefore here is a checklist which will help you to complete this task perfectly for the upcoming festival.

Get the broken things fixed first– Now if you have a few broken things which need repairing or a section of a wall that needs to be repainted then note these things down and get them sorted first.

Start with deciding on the area to clean– Before washing and cleaning things like curtains, mirrors, and sofas, decide on which area to proceed with. Now, this really depends upon the size of your home and the amount of time you can dedicate to the cleaning task. We suggest to go easy with the chores and do things one by one so you don’t exhaust yourself before the arrival of the festival.

You can start by cleaning one space at a time like one bedroom at a time, and then living area the next day and then move on further to the kitchen, terrace, and bathing rooms.

Clean the coves and the fall ceiling areas– Designer ceilings tend to attract a lot of dust over a period of time and Diwali gives you an appropriate reason to get them cleaned around this time of the year.

Watch out for the doors and the windows– Doors, and windows need deep cleaning at this time. Take the help of baby wipes to clean them thoroughly. To fight the tough stains on the window panes you can try using baking soda and white vinegar to get rid of the stains.

Organize your wardrobes– If you find your wardrobe cluttered then this is the best time to start organizing it. Clean the wardrobe thoroughly before keeping your stuff out there.

Get all the mirrors at home sparkle– Mirrors on your wardrobes or changing areas, bathing rooms, living areas all need a good clean up at this time. So do not forget them.

Deep kitchen cleaning– The kitchen is the heart of a home and cleaning it is a task where you need to start from scratch to make it look all organized. Start with cleaning the drawers, sinks, cabinets, chimney, etc.

Bathing rooms need attention too– If you are not so sure of cleaning it yourself, then take the help of different websites which provide services like these.

Time to wash all the curtains and rugs– A home would not look all clean with the dirty rugs all around. So sort them out once you are done with the basic home cleaning.

Organize the terrace and the balconies– We weld suggest you go greener this Diwali by giving these areas a little makeover by using your creativity. You can create a mini garden or a little pepped up space to enjoy your morning tea. Also, spend little time organizing and caring for your existing plants as its Diwali time for them too.

Beautify entrance of the home– This Diwali surprises your guests by revamping the entrance area. You can use potted plants or beautiful rugs or paintings at the entrance to make your home look lively.

light up the house– Lastly do not forget to light up homes with the strings of lights, but use those which are mentioned as MADE IN INDIA.

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