Recycle Old CD’s For Diwali Lights

Most of us have old CD’s at home which are of no use now, well all thanks to the technology. But they look so pretty and shiny that its best to put them to use rather than to throw them in the dustbin. Since its Diwali and this festival is meant to be cerebrated with lots of light, here are these great lighting projects which you can create using these old CD’s.

Ball Lamp– You can punch and make small holes on the CD and then wire them together to give a shape of a ball but then this is a difficult task. For an easier method you can take a bowl and taking reference from the picture place CD one by one on it so that it takes a round shape, at last glue them all together. It is perfect for tea light candles which you can keep on side tables.

Diya holder– An old CD makes a perfect base for making decorative diya holders which you can make by sticking different colored stones, pearls, beads etc.

Side lamp– You can make out what to do by seeing the picture. A 10 minute craft and a best way to put old CD’s to use for the festive season. Place LED lights inside to light the corners of your home.

Fuse with plastic spoons– Incase if you have spare or used plastic spoons then you can create this beautiful, flower inspired tea light holder to decorate center tables and corners of your home.

Decorate bulbs– This bulb will help you to decorate a special corner of your room where you can hang a bunch of bulbs like these. Once lit it gives a very blingy and disco light effect.


Image reference- Pinterest

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