5 Ways To Decorate Walls With Photo Frames

Photo frames always look attractive and charming. And there are so many ways in which they can be used for home decor. Its not necessary that you use them to frame pictures, but you can also use them as is, or by coloring them in different shades. But in whichever way you use them, they will always bring a new life to your walls and spaces. Have a look as how to use them….

Single color– To play safe using a single color theme is always the best bet. Pick up a color which best goes with your decor theme and use it to paint the frames. Use different shapes and sizes to make sure that you create a wall worth watching.

Contrast colors– You can also play with different colors and textures. A wall done with colorful photo frames will always make heads turn for all the right reasons. You can also use family pictures in some of the frames to give the plain frames a break.

Same color family– And if using a single color for the frames seems a little boring to you then use different shades and tints from the same color family. This way you will have different colors on the frames without making them look too different or contrast. You can also beautify the frames by using different decorative stuff to go with them.

All gold– If you want to create a wall which speaks volume for itself then this is something which you would love to go for. A wall painted in dark shade is best highlighted with these frames done in dull gold.

Work out on patterns– Instead of placing the frames one by one you can create a single overlap design by attaching frames of different sizes and colors to make one big frame.

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