Easy and quick Corn recipes

5 Minutes Corn Recipes Which Are Super Easy To Make For Sudden Hunger Pangs

When you crave to eat something at odd times, chances are that you end up eating something unhealthy. But what if you could make something instantly and that too something which taste’s good and is super healthy. Well here are a few recipes which you can make easily and quickly with corn for those hunger pangs. Corn is high in fiber and also has Vitamin B zinc, magnesium, copper, iron and manganese which make sure that you indulge in something healthy and yummy.

Butter Masala Corn– Take boiled or steamed corn in a bowl and add salted butter to it and mix well. Now add jeera powder, chaat masala, salt, black salt, red chilli powder, a bit of powdered sugar, lemon juice and give everything a good mix. Well your instant butter masala corn is ready in less than 5 minutes.

Corn salad– Take chopped onion, tomatoes, capsicum, cucumbers, finely chopped green chilli, fresh coriander and boiled corn in a bowl. To this add salt, black salt, black pepper, lemon juice and olive oil. Mix everything well and enjoy fresh. You can also add a bit of honey for a sweet flavor in your salad.

Corn chaat– In a bowl take boiled corn, onion, tomatoes, green chilies, finely chopped fresh coriander, salt, black salt, chaat masala and lemon juice. To this you can also add a bit of sev for a crunchy flavor.

Italian corn– Add butter to boiled corn and mix well. Now add Italian seasoning like oregano and chilli flakes, salt and lemon juice and give everything a good mix. Grate some cheese on the top and enjoy.

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