Last minute Christmas recipes for kids

Last Minute Christmas Recipes For Kids

Looking for some last-minute recipes to treat your kids on Christmas. Well we have got a few quick and easy ones for you which you can create instantly at home. The kids will love them and so will you…..

Biscuit and cheese bites– You can replace cheese with cottage cheese or tofu for a healthy option. Marinate paneer or tofu slices in salt, pepper, honey, lemon juice and a bit of olive oil mixture. Cut small pieces of steamed carrots in star shape. Now place biscuits in a tray and place triangle shaped tofu or paneer at the center. Use star shaped carrot at the top of the cheese and sprinkle some ketchup on the top.

Fruit Bites– All you need is these three fruits to create a Christmas inspired fruit salad bite. Pick Banana, grapes and Strawberry and arrange them like this in a skewer. You can also use a small marshmallow at the top.

Sandwich– Well this is something which every kid would love eating. Just pick a few of their favorite cheese slices, peanut butter, jam or any other spread which they like. Create a layer of breads using these things and cut them in a shape of a Christmas tree.

Desserts– Pick a small brownie and spread some chocolate sauce on it. Place half cut strawberry over it and decorate the sides and top with white cream.

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