5 Quick Lip Smacking Snacks Which You Can Make With Biscuits

Serving biscuits is the easiest way to give company to a flavorful cup of tea. But that’s not enough when you have guests coming in for high tea. So how about giving a nice twist to the regular biscuits for a special occasion. Here are a few quick and easy recipes….

Cheesy vegetable salad– Monaco biscuits and cheese go well with each other. Prepare a vegetable salad with peas, bell pepper, capsicum, corn and add mayonnaise and grated cheese along with some salt and pepper. Garnish with tomato ketchup.

Spinach, corn and cheese– Prepare a filling of spinach, corn and cheese like you regularly make for a spinach and corn sandwich. Now place them above salted or plain crackers and top it up with some grated paneer or cheese and bake for 10-15 minutes.

Sev bites– Your regular mashed ‘aloo ki sabji’ can prove to be a lipsmacking filling for salted biscuits. Just put a layer of the mashed potato over a biscuit and cover it up with an another piece. Spread some ketchup with the help of a spoon on the sides and roll over aloo bhujia namkeen or sev.

Mini biscuit pizza– Use veggies of your choice and just mix them up with a bit of tandoori sauce or regular pizza sauce, oregano and chilli flakes. Take a piece of biscuit and place a small piece of cheese slice over it. Now spread the veggie mix on the top and garnish with bit of ketchup.

Paneer and tomato– You can also simply place paneer slices along with some cherry tomatoes on the top of a biscuit. Do sprinkle some olive oil dressing to the veggies and paneer before garnishing them. This way they won’t go dry and will last longer.

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