How To Celebrate Tulsi Vivah : Know The Rituals And Watch Complete Video Of Doing Vivah Pooja

Tulsi vivah is a Hindu festival which marks the end of the monsoon and the beginning of the wedding season. On this day Tulsi plant or the goddess Tulsi is married to Lord Vishnu or Saligram. This year Tulsi Vivah falls on 26th November and this is how you can celebrate this auspicious day.

-Fast is kept on this day and devotees make sure to clean and decorate the house. Special Rangoli and flower decoration is done on this day.

-Clean and new clothes are worn for the evening ceremony when the wedding ceremony takes place.

-Special and elaborate menu is decided for the evening wedding ritual.

-The god and the goddess are dressed up as bride and groom and special mantras are chanted while the wedding rituals are performed.

-New ornaments like Bangle, mangalsutra and bindi are gifted to the goddess Tulsi and new clothes are gifted to the groom or the lord Vishnu.

Incase if you do not know how to do the pooja or the vivah or marriage ceremony then watch the video here….

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