Benefits Of Rose Oil For Beauty

One of the most expensive essential oils, rose oil has many health and beauty benefits. It’s quiet expensive and why not after all it takes 10,000 roses to make a 5ml bottle of rose oil which is packed with vitamins and minerals and is great for the skin, hair and general wellness. Since its 100% natural, the best thing about introducing it into your beauty regime is that it has no side affects.

You can also try DIY rose oil, a version of making rose oil at home which we had shared in our previous video. The result which you will get is a rose infused oil as rose essential oil is a tedious and expensive process to make. Though the results achieved from both the versions will differ.

– It is a great antiseptic and helps in healing wounds, dab few drops on the affected area to keep the infection away. Do this with natural essential oil only and not with the homemade version of the oil.

– It evens out the skin tone. Most of us suffer with this problem of having uneven skin tone which looks unpleasant. For them rose oil treatment is great, massage face with few drops of oil and it will help in improving the overall texture of the skin by clearing out the blemishes and acne.

– It hydrates the hair and improves its quality by strengthening the roots. Use 1 drop of rose oil in 1 tablespoon of argan oil and apply it lightly all over the hair mainly on the tips. It will moisture the hair and keep them frizz free.

– It is also helpful in getting rid of dark circles and crow’s feet and also soothes puffy eyes. A regular massage around the eyes will help get rid of it.

– You can also use it for removing makeup as its a great astringent and toner for the skin. Use it regularly as it is a natural thing and is chemical free.

– It works wonders in removing blemishes, dark spots and stretch marks. All you have to do is to apply few drops on the area on a regular basis.

– Since it has a high level of Vitamin A it helps fight wrinkles and is a great antioxidant for the skin.


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