Metallic Lips Trend For 2020

Metallic lips is another big makeup trend for 2020. Metallic lipsticks are great to wear at a party, and if you keep it subtle then you can also try it normally. And if you are wondering how to use it then we have some ideas for you….

Use a ready base– There are a lot of options available in the market for metallic lipsticks. Infact almost all the premium brands like Mac, Maybelline, L’Oreal etc, have different color options in metallic shades which you can buy and use readily. As a beginner you can try semi nude shades or light brown or light bronze to start with, and then move on to darker shades when you feel confident of this trend.

Simple gloss– You can also opt for simple gloss colors in subtle metallic sheen like this. A simple or transparent gloss can also be used over any matte lipstick to give a bit of a sheen and shine.

Use metallic powder– If you wish to try ombre lips with high bling then just use a lipstick of your choice first, and then fill metallic powder on the outer corners with the help of a brush. Eventually blend in the whole thing for a blended look. You can also use the same style with a matching lipstick and sparkle color for a mellow and toned down look.

Use it to highlight– You can also use a metallic shade just to highlight the inner part of the lips.

Don’t forget to party with the bold colors– Bold shades like metallic red, berry, plum etc are perfect for a night out.

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