5 Things To Remember For Healthy Lips In Winters

Since its winter time, your skin is sure to go through some changes and one of them is to have cracked and dry lips. You can face this problem because of whether change, dehydration, too much consumption of alcohol and caffeine.

Biting and licking your lips continuously can also lead to cracking of lips which should be avoided for further damage.

Here are few things which you can follow for a a good lip health.

– Regular lipsticks are full of chemicals and pigments which strips off the natural moisture of your lips making them further dry. Therefore use moisturizing lipstick of a good brand which can heel the chapped lips while providing a nice color at the same time. You can also use lip balms which leave a natural color on lips, as any pigment on your lips means it goes directly to your stomach increasing health hazards.

– Scrubbing lips is important too. Like your facial and body skin, even lips need a bit of scrubbing to remove the dead  skin cells which make them look dull because of uneven skin tone. You can use a nice home made scrub of sugar and lemon and rub it gently around the lips. Wash off after few minutes of scrubbing. Repeat every week.

– Night is the best time to heal and hydrate your skin, while you are sleeping you can apply raw honey, desi ghee or malai on lips and go off to sleep. The cracked will be healed and the skin will turn super soft by the morning.

– Having plenty of water hydrates your entire body and skin. Therefore make sure that you are consuming a good amount to keep the dryness away.

– Caffeine intake dehydrates the body quickly. If your daily caffeine intake is more then cut down on the same as it will make your skin and lips dull and dry.

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