6 Heena designs which are simply astounding for your feet

Heena design for feet can be as simple as some simple lines to very elaborate ones. Here we bring to you some really good designs which you can try if you love those heena covered toe fingers. Toe fingers when covered in heena give a very interesting and eye-catchy appeal to the overall mehndi design, and this is how you can use it.

Double line– Delicate line design on the fingers can be combined with a simple geometric design on the feet. The delicate V shaped design looks like a beautiful lace and you can create different repetitions of it.

V shaped design– The fingers can also be painted in an inverted V shape which can be combined with a simple design running parallel to it. A design on the foot resembling a neck piece with a big brooch will look just perfect to complete the design.

Border design– You can also give elaborate design a miss and go for a simple border on the sides instead.

The broach design– A simple broach at the center would look interesting too. Just match it up with something elaborate on the other side to balance the design.

The leaf design– How about creating a simple leaf inspired design….well the results will be amazing.

Fake an accessory- You can easily fake a foot accessory with this design. You can also consider this design if you are looking for some contemporary motifs.

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