5 Simple Yet Unique Mehndi Designs To Try Now

No we will not talk about the bridal mehndi or some sort of specific mehndi style in this article, but what has caught our attention are the simple yet unique heena designs which speaks for themselves. These simple designs are elegant and are definitely different from what you see regularly. So if you have been searching for some really easy to go designs from a long time then check out these designs….

Finger designs– Now nothing can get more simple than using a simple finger design using lines and leaf pattern. How unique does it looks, isn’t it.

Sideways– Now who said that the heena designs should be made prominent, well you can play a little game of hide and seek here by using the design on the sides of the finger.

Single finger design– A Single finger design drawn upto the wrist is an another design idea to choose from. You don’t need to highlight all the fingers, a simple one finger design would look great too.

Abstract forms– Delicate abstract designs often inspired by the branches of a plant never go unnoticed.

Bangle style– You can also create a strong bracelet or a multiple bangle style heena design on one hand to fake a tattoo.

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