5 Nail Paint Organizers Which Are Perfect For Your Colorful Bottles

This article is for the ones who are obsessed with their nail paint collection. There is nothing more satisfying than watching these pretty colorful bottles kept nicely at one place. And to do so you need organizers which would hold your collection perfectly. Here are a few ideas which can be used to do so…..

Use an old plate or a tray– A simple tray or a plate which you are bored of using can be used to organize your pretty nail paint bottles. Or you can also use an old cake or cookie tray which comes with a lid to save your bottles from getting ruined in dust.

Double or triple tier stands– You can also consider using these stands if you have a pretty large collection of nail shades. In this you can arrange pastels in one layer and the bold or the neon ones in another and so on.

Nail paint organizer rack– Do watch out for readymade nail paint organizers which are specifically designed to organize the nail paint bottles. This layered style organizer unbales you to easily watch out for every shade you have in your collection.

Organizer box– Suitcase style transparent organizer is easily available online and looks like a perfect thing to keep your colorful bottles safely at one place. The best thing is that it has slider compartments which are easy to use and manage.

Fabric organizers– The best part of the fabric organizers is that you can wash them often to maintain hygiene. Several fabric organizers designed to organize nail paints are easily available online.

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