Nail Color Trend To Watch Out In 2022

Like every year this year also has a different set of color trends which you can include in nail art or just to paint your nails in general. There is a wide range of different set of colors which will be in trend all year round and here they are……

Mint green– Well mint green in all shades is a complete must have this year. From pastel shades to the bright hues, well all will look equally good depending on what your mood goes with.

Deep blue– This one shade is on every trend list this year. Dark blue is one color which you must invest in this year. Mix and match with different attires and it will look flawless. Moreover the shade itself is enough to turn the heads.

Nude shades– Nude shades in all tints will make things work this year. Remember the more natural the shade is, the better it is.

Amber and marigold– Sunny shades like amber and marigold and other not so bright sunny shades are also in the list. Well these shades look like a must have for summers.

Glitter shades– Nail paint with glitter and sprinkles or any other kind of bling addition is also a must have nail trend this year. You can choose from the diluted powder glitter nail paints where the glitter is just the part of the nail color, to the much striking ones where glitter sheets are added to the lacquer and are bold enough to make a statement.

Periwinkle– A light tint of the purple color, periwinkle is a perfect color for all the seasons and comes in different hues. From light to medium tone, well choose your shade according to your preference.

Red– This classic color also makes it to the list of the hottest pick for this year. You can easily bank upon this color when nothing else works.

White– White is an another great pick for the year. You can use it as is or use it for the French manicure.

Bright pink– Pick shades and tints of pink to look your best this year. This super feminine color will always bring smile and cheer to your face.

Sandy metallic shades– Though all metallic shades will be in fashion this year, but sandy shades like these ones will be more in trend precisely.

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