Skin care with jade roller

Add A Jade Roller To Your Daily Skin Care Regime To Get A Flawless Skin

A good skin care routine or regime is so so important for skin health. If you are consistent in indulging in a good skin care routine then you will always have a flawless and younger looking skin. And a massage roller is one of the best tool to add to your daily skin care routine to achieve a good skin. And if you are not aware as how this tool will work then here are a few points for you to go through…..

Helps in blood circulation– The massage roller is especially known to increase the blood circulation which in turn makes your skin look flawless and younger in a long run. You can use skin creams, serum or skin oils to massage your face and neck with the rollers.

Reduce fine lines– Since a good massage helps in good blood circulation therefore regular use of these rollers help in reducing fine lines and wrinkles. But don’t expect something overnight as everything needs a regular routine to show results.

Tones the skin– The roller also helps in keeping the skin toned and firm. Proper blood circulation is the main reason behind keeping your skin toned which results in younger and firm looking skin.

Use it to apply foundation– Yes it is possible…….you can use a roller to apply flawless foundation to prepare the base for makeup. You can watch several video’s on the internet to learn how to do it.

Reduce puffiness– Use of the massage roller also helps in reducing face and eye swelling and puffiness. But remember to use a good undereye cream before using roller under the eyes. You can also use pure almond, olive or coconut oil for the massage.

Best use of creams– If you have been using your hands to massage your skin then give it a second thought as your cream and serums will be absorbed in a better way with the help of a massage roller. The jade roller makes sure that the product which you use for the massage is absorbed into the skin in a better way than the regular way.

Use a sheet mask– Are you a fan of using sheet masks…..if yes then do use a roller over your sheet mask for better absorption of the product. Simply place a sheet mask on a clean face and massage with a roller all over the sheet mask.

Image reference- Photo by Content Pixie on Unsplash (free for commercial use), Original source

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