7 Ways To Use Pantone Color Of The Year 2020 For Interiors

Blue is the Pantone color of the year 2020 and not only your wardrobe, but the interiors of your home can also be done in this color. Here is how you can do it…..

Highlight a wall– The best way to use blue for interiors is to paint a wall of your living area in this color. In other words you can highlight a wall of your room using a blue color. Make sure to install beautiful wall art pieces to decorate the wall further.

Blue sofa for a royal look– Needless to say that a blue sofa set will give your living area a very modern, chic and royal look. Pair it with cushions in different colors and prints to break the monotony of the single dark shade.

Use blue as ascents– Incase if you are not too sure of going over the top with this powerful color, then simply mix and match it with other soothing colors for it to stand out. For example use blue textured cushions over a sofa with a blue carpet or a rug complimenting the entire look. You can also use painting with blue shades to highlight the walls.

Blue home accessories look great- The most simplest and the easiest way to decorate your home is to use home accessories in this color. Pick photo frames, flower vase, paintings etc. in blue color to brighten up your home with this pantone color of the year.

Get the furniture painted– You can also get your old furniture like a console table, coffee and center tables, cabinets, drawers, dressing table etc. repainted in blue color.

Paint stairways– If your home has stairs then go for these quirky ideas to paint the stairways.

Blue curtains– You can also use blue curtains to decorate the house.

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