4 ways To Look Awesome In A Magenta Outfit This Winter

Every year Pantone announces the color of the year which helps designers in fashion, architecture, textiles and interiors look upto a color trend which helps them plan work and collection accordingly. And the Pantone color of the year 2023 is Viva Magenta which definitely is a very feminine and vibrant color. So if you want to pep up your mood and look a bit this winter then do watch out for these lovely outfit inspirations….

Look classy in an overcoat– One must invest in a classy and vibrant overcoat to make cold and dark winter days more vibrant. So if you are planning to buy one then do go for a magenta color, and it will instantly pep up your look. Wear it with a regular sweater or a top and pair it with a denim and you will look gorgeous.

Add vibrance to monotone dressing– A magenta sweater is an another wardrobe staple in your wardrobe. So if you are in a mood to dress in a monochrome look from head to toe then break your look by wearing a contrast sweater like this. It is one of the best way to wear a contrast shade like this.

Pair it with browns– Magenta and dark brown goes very well together. So if you are eyeing on a classy color combo then give this combination a try.

Go for color blocking– Color blocking is always so much fun. So if you like to give new things a try then go for color blocked look. You can pick different shades to color block your outfit depending on what kind of a look you want to achieve. You will always find many color options to pair with a magenta color.

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