4 Nail Art Designs For The Nude Shade Lovers

A nude shade comes to your rescue when nothing else works! This color is also great for those special times when you want to have a classy and clean look and when nothing else is in your mind. Needless to say that you can never go wrong with these shades as they have so much to offer. And here are some deigns to follow…..

Highlight with gold– Nude shades are very easy to pair with colors like silver, gold and bronze. So if you are getting party ready then this is the best thing you can bet on. And off course you can decide on any pattern of your choice.

Highlight tips with a matte shade– Match your nude shades with a contrast shade preferably in matte effect. This can be created in many designs, like you can choose to highlight the tips of the nails painted in nude shade.

Black and white combination– How about going total neutral. Well for this you can pick on a nude shade to paint the nails, and use other neutral colors like black and white to create nail art designs.

Glitter and stones- To create a nice blingy appeal use real glitter to paint your nude nails. Pick a glitter shade closest to your nude shade and use it on one finger to highlight the nail art. You can further add stones to give a jeweled look to your nails.

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