Glitter Inspiration For Wedding Decor

Well Glitter is all in fashion nowadays, be it apparels, footwear, accessories or decor. It has a special charm to it as it makes everything look luxurious and grand. Its now used as a theme for wedding decor too. Here are few ideas….

All Silver Glitter look– Well all that glitters is not gold, it can be silver too. Here everything is in silver including chairs, table runners. Glitter crystal balls are incorporated with crystal hangings. A touch of bright vibrant flowers in different shades gives a fresh break to the monotone shade of silver.


Glitter for Drapes– Drapes give a royal look to the entire wedding theme. They can be done in different tonal and contrast shades. Glitter drapes can be included for incorporating a glamorous feel to the decor.


Glitter Name plates– Well its a great idea to match the name plates for everyone in the same theme as the rest of the decor. So name plates done with glitter accents will perfectly match the theme.


Glitter Tablecloth– Tablecloth play an important part in the decor and in justifying the theme of the event, so its important to choose them wisely. For the glitter theme, nothing can be better than the glitter fabric used as tablecloth. They come in different shades, like in gold, bronze, blue, black, champagne etc., choose it according to your setting. They look marvelous and lifts up the spirit of an event.


Silver and pink– Silver goes very well with pastels like pink and peaches, so using the combination of both the colors is a great idea to give a break from everything glitter. Flowers in light pink, white and peach can be used for this theme.


Go all Silver and white– Silver and white do compliment each other without creating much contrast. If you do not wish to add colors then this combination is great for the decor.


Glitter Cake– Well ok this is not a part of the decor though, but still would look great if the cake too is matched to the theme of the event.


Image Reference:  Pinterest

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