Be My Bridesmaid- Ask Her In Style

On your wedding if you are thinking of popping this question to your friends and sisters, then we have few ideas how to create a perfect bridesmaid invite for them. Have a look and get inspired….

Makeup Kit– A small box with few nail paints, blush on, lipsticks or lip liners etc is a best gift for girls, though you can put in different items which you like. Try to make it creative by using different colors and glitters. Also you can add a small card mentioning the date, venue and other important detail.


Assorted Personal Care products– Add personal care products like foot care products, organic soaps, essential oils etc. Add a piece of jewelry like a ring, or a thin chain with a pendent for a personalized effect. Few sweets like chocolate or tic-tac would be fun too. If you have planned for bridesmaid dresses, then add a small card including the pictures of the garment, this will make them prepared in advance for the look of that day.


Bridesmaid Cards– If you want to keep it simple, then just a quirky invite will do it too. Pop up the question in style with cards like these. If you have decided on certain colors and motifs for your wedding, then you can add them for the look of your invite too.


Dress invite– If you want to go creative with the card idea, then this kind of an invite can be a great look for the girls. You can also add tulle or net below the belt area to create a frill dress sort of effect.


Chain with Ring– Small and simple jewelry pieces like these, can be a great idea to add to the invite for a more personalized look.


Fragrant Candles– A vintage look for the invite. A glass of candle in your favorite fragrance is all you need to lift up the spirit of your bridesmaid. Gift them this unique stuff and pop up the question in style.


Pop up cards– Sweet, simple and small invite is perfect for people who do not want to spend much on the invites. Create this on your own at home. You can also add a piece of chocolate or a small jewelry piece in the box.


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