The Wedding Invite

In India, Wedding Invite is one of the most important element of planning wedding. It reflects your taste and status too. A person with a refined and high taste will always choose in for a simple yet strong invite with clear and clean design. Likewise a fun loving person with a creative flair will try to use some funky element with lots of colors or even some strong color contrast. Nowadays there are designers who are especially designing wedding cards and they customize the invites as per the choice and liking of their clients. They understand the personality and likings of their customers and try to bring in a new element to each and every piece curated. Sometimes the card are even designed according to the theme of the wedding, if any.

A Simple Invite in a single color, with Textured envelope and matching solid color cards inside. You can have different cards for different functions or just a few covering your content. One can choose from different Baroque designs or Indian Jaal patterns for textures.


Bejeweled Wedding invite with multiple sheets in different contrast colors for every function. Likewise one can add and subtract the inner invites according to the guest being invited for particular functions. If you do not wish to invite someone for all the functions, then just take out the invite of that particular thing. The jeweled stones in different colors over the main leaf looks attractive. 


The Book foldable invite with a Cutwork front and a simple content inside. The first letters of the names of Bride and Groom are placed at the center. A simple yet creative approach.


The Triangular Box style invite opens up from sides creating wing like patterns, with invite for different functions on each wing. You can place some small gifts at the center.


The Gatefold invite is an elongated version which opens at the center and can be tied with the ribbon or any other decorative item at the center.


The age old Vintage Farman style invite takes us back to the history when invites were sent out in this way. 


The Box style invites are very popular these days as they provide space for various items like sweets, invite, gifts all inside the same space, and also because they look personalized and specially customized. You can get your box customized according to the items you want to include along with your invite.


Image References: Pinterest

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