Save The Date Announcement Ideas For The Brides To Be

When you finally decide to announce it to the world, the first thing which comes to mind is how to do it in style. Well there are so many ideas which you can personalize according to your choices and preferences. Here are a few to watch out for…..

Embroidered canvas– Receiving something as creative as this would be such a surprise for your guests. You can decide how you want the embroidered frame to look like, or the overall look of this product and get it done accordingly. You can also use leftover fabrics from your real attires on these frames.

Say it with heena hands– You can also go for Heena hands done along with the date included in the design. Its a great way to add a personalized touch to the whole idea. The design can be a simple one with just the announcement with minimum design details, or you can also choose full hand coverage.

Customized digital cards– Digital cards are the easiest of all. With the help of some online websites you can create some really good e-invites which can be even printed for physical invites. You can choose from hundreds of templates to create one. But to get a complete personalized invite you will have to take help of a good graphic designer.

Photoshoot– Another great idea is to use your pre wedding photoshoot pictures to announce the date. A single picture can be used or a collage of best pictures can also be used to create one invite.

Favor ideas– Gifting favors is an another great thing which you can do for your near and dear ones. After all nobody minds receiving thoughtful gifts right.

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